book cover that says smiles
mr rogers with a book
Still, Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, episode #1740 Noisy and Quiet

It's the style to wear a smile

Do you know how to put one on your face?

American Art Catalogues presents SMILES, a new picture book by Alex Da Corte. On February 19th, 1999, Mister Rogers aired episode #1740 Noisy and Quiet, which featured Fred Rogers paging through a large picture book called SMILES, thoughtfully identifying the members of his community through their smiles.

Da Corte’s SMILES is a reinvention of a prop and an addendum to his 2018 film Rubber Pencil Devil, inspired by Mister Roger’s Neighborhood and public television programming. This book features one thousand images of neighbors, friends, lovers and strangers smiling (and not smiling) in noisy and quiet times.

The lettered edition of 26 is accompanied by a unique work on paper by the artist.


  • Alex Da Corte
  • Smiles
  • 2021
  • Hardcover, 13 1/2 × 11 3/4 × 2 3/4 inches
  • 1000 pages, 12 colored tip-ons on first 12 pages
  • Lettered edition of 26 copies
  • Unique work on paper, inserted on first page
  • Printed by Pureprint, London, U.K.

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