American Art Catalogues presents Sketchbook III (7581), Sketchbook IV (Frequencies (Double Take)), and Sketchbook V (Twitchy) by Rita Ackermann.

The sketchbook series began in 2018 with a conversation between Artist and Publisher, with the shared belief that the artist sketchbook was the apex form of the ‘art book’. Together, American Art Catalogues and Ackermann designed five blank sketchbooks, carefully deciding size, paper weight, cover fabric, and page count, with the intentions of them being filled and reproduced as facsimiles. The release of these three sketchbooks marks the completion of the series.


Sketchbook III (7581), the third installment of Ackermann’s sketchbook series. 7581 refers to the Hebrew calendar of the 2020 new year, in which Ackermann began her work on this sketchbook.


Sketchbook IV (Frequencies (Double Take)), began its conception in March of 2020. This sketchbook was revisited, rethought, gaining the title Double Take: a delayed reaction to something unexpected, immediately after one’s first reaction.


Sketchbook V (Twitchy), the fifth and final installment of Ackermann’s sketchbook series. Long time collaborator and friend of Ackermann’s Harmony Korine created a foundation of drawings for Ackermann to rework within the pages of this sketchbook. The cover bears Twitchy, a character created by Korine.

American Art Catalogues would like to thank Rita Ackermann, for her continuous collaboration, support, and shared passion for books.

Edition of 500 numbered copies.