green box with black type
green box with black type
green box with white card
green box with silver object inset
ice skate

Conduction Block traces the continual movement of an unidentified limb moving counter-clockwise in an unending series of incomplete circles, set to a minimal, repetitive, yet patternless, unidentified percussive track - perhaps the sound of munitions fired over and over again. Indeterminate in nature, the subject’s relentless physical gesture is impossible to categorize. Viewers may wonder if the figure is circling toward a desired outcome or simply moving mechanically: are we observing repetition for repetition’s sake? It is here that Conduction Block hearkens back momentarily to 110 / 120, the artist’s first film, which depicts a sewing machine’s needle battering ceaselessly at nothing, set to the in-time tune of the tool’s machinations. Yet Conduction Block provides its viewer no such coordination; rather, the aural transmission of impulses continues on with its odd syncopation as the blade abstains from completing any individual circle it traces into the ice below.

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